Training and Consulting



To meet the dynamic demands of the audio industry, Counterpoint consistently expands and improves our suite of software products. Likewise, continuous enhancement of user skills, knowledge, and capabilities is a necessity in a landscape where change is the only constant — effective training and ongoing Business Process Analysis (BPA) ensures that users can fully leverage the capabilities of Counterpoint.

In addition to daily support, our team of system consultants, with decades of network audio and technology experience among them, bring industry expertise to the comprehensive system trainings we offer.

    • New User Training: Onboard new users more quickly and confidently, streamlining workflow and promoting full-feature utilization, to reduce mistakes and leverage the wide range of tools Counterpoint provides
    • Refresher Training: Prevent the decay of skills over time, ensuring that seasoned users stay proficient and optimize system use. We ensure that experienced team members are aware of the latest best practices and industry standards, as well as time-saving shortcuts and techniques, and focus on enhancing their ability to problem-solve by identifying and troubleshooting common issues so they can work indepently and efficiently
    • New Features Training: Make the most of the latest developments and keep up with industry trends, levearging the latest tools and technologies to increase innovation and keep your network competitive.
    • Business Process Consulting: Implement industry standard best practices and optimize workflow: Our system consultants engage with your team, analyzing and refining existing processes to best align with your strategic goals — enhancing efficiency, effectiveness, communication, and overall performance of both your Counterpoint implmentation and your network.

Your success is our success!