Product Integrations



In today’s dynamic and interconnected media business landscape, merging diverse tools, technologies, and platforms with product integrations is key to enhanced efficiency, productivity, and innovation. By fostering a cohesive ecosystem with product integrations that empower our mutual customers to extract maximum value from their data, Counterpoint helps to reduce manual interventions and streamline workflows. Interfaces for
  • Research • Local Traffic Systems • Digital OMS • Automation • Satellite • Audio Delivery • Continuity • CRM • Affidavit Compliance • Accounting • EDI
are among the integrations wth industry-leading providers that we offer to keep your network agile and competitive.
We recognize that staying competitive depends on tailored solutions and offer custom development for needed integrations — if you don’t see a required integration on the list, contact us about providing one.



Digital Orders
Copy Instructions
Station Information
As-aired Affidavit Data


Sales Proposal
Order Management
Affiliate Tracking
Electronic Affidavit
Billing & Receivables


Station + Producer Logs
Audio Instructions
Sales / Revenue Data
Electronic Invoices (EDI)


We really value the companies we’ve partnered with to exchange data for the benefit of our mutual customers. These include: